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The Bailey family


Thomas and his wife Sarah Ann, nee Sherwin






My Great Grandparents, on my (Ken) Mum's side, are Thomas Bailey (1845-1927) and Sarah Ann, nee Sherwin (1849-1935).

Photograph courtesy of Granddaughter Barbara Burnside (nee Bailey), Thunder Bay, Ontario, Feb 2003.

'Thomas was superintendent of Viney Hill Sunday School, and a very strict one, very religious, which , no doubt led to (grandson Derrick) aka Sherwin, entering  holy orders'.

Contribution from Granddaughter Doris Lowe January 2001.

On his daughter Beatrice's Marriage certificate, Thomas's profession was shown as Collier.At the time of the 1901 census the family address was given as Oldcroft in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Viney Hill, in the Civil Parish of West Dean. Thomas lived at this time with Sarah and just their youngest child, Albert.





A thumbnail photo of my Mum's Mother Beatrice Mary Bailey (1884-1952).

She was born in Rose Cottage, Oldcroft,Glos, the 6th child of 9 born to Thomas and Sarah Ann (nee Sherwin).

Beatrice and Walter Cooper had 12 children!








Raymond and Alice Bailey, (Brother and Sister to Beatrice)


Photo - with thanks to my Auntie Elsie and Uncle Alf Davis.

A snapshot of unknown origin of a Brother and Sister to Beatrice. 

Raymond Bailey was born in 1882 and emigrated to Canada, Alice was born in 1874.



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