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The Bailey / Burnside Familes – Our Canadian Collection


Sad News 28th January 2017

I have heard through my cousin Jackie Dorling (nee Cooper) that Barbara Burnside passed away this morning. This information was picked up through Facebook, and more will be added if and when it becomes available. Thanks Jackie.

I met Barbara and Hazel Bailey, her cousin (through marriage to Reg) a few years ago when she last came to the UK to visit Hazel Cooper. We met up in Blackpool where they were staying for a few days - happy memories.



Reg Bailey - update April 2015


During April 2015 I received a message from Angela Pilkington through Barbara Burnside, alerting me to a video clip (see below) of Reg Bailey describing his life in the Canadian town of Schreiber. The video was an interview with the Mayor and was taken shortly after his 89th birthday. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did.


Sad News July 2014

Barbara Burnside has notified me of the passing of Reg Bailey on the 18th July 2014 - our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.


Exciting News

Barbara Burnside is proud to announce the safe arrival of two great granddaughters in June 2014:

14th June to Shane and Erin - Maggie Kelly

25th June to Chris and Kelly - Olivia Dawn

Congratulations to both families.



The following gallery of photographs are of the descendants of George Enoch Bailey- my thanks go to Barbara Burnside.






George Enoch Bailey 1892-1951 and his Wife Eva (nee Corbett) 1901-1990. Taken in 1950.







Barbara tell me that this was one of the last good pictures taken (1993) of her and David before he sadly passed away in 1995, aged 74.







(Double Click the name for a picture) Raymond Bailey (1882-1972) and Annie Chambers (1881-1965) were born in the UK and were married in 1908. The family portrait, left , taken in August 2002 is of second son, Reg, Hazel and family.









                                                      Raymond (Teige) Bailey (1914-1982) brother of Reg pictured above.






Summer 2003: The wedding of Craig Wheatley, grandson of Reg and Hazel, and Jacquelyn Dunn from Mississauga, Ontario.

They now live in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Thanks to Lindsay Miller for the picture!


David and Barbara Burnside's Gallery

     LTR Jennifer, Michelle, David and Marilyn                                   Barbara, David and Terry (1999)

                                            LTR Erin, Angela, Bob, Terry and Kelly                                             Hazel, Reg and Barbara (2001)                                                                        


Family Weddings

       Top row LTR: Angela Olmstead and Jason Pilkington were married 2nd August 2003

                         The wedding of Jennifer Burnside and Rob Morton took place 25th July 2004

                         Kelly Olmstead and Chris Valente were married 22nd July 2006

       Bottom row:  Michelle Burnside and J (Jamie) Rose were married 23rd August 2008 at Oliver Lake.

                               Erin Olmstead and Shane McCormack were married on October 10th 2009.

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