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Thomas  Morse (1761-1829) my Great, Great, Great Grandfather


The following summary was extracted from the Will of Thomas Morse 1761-1829.


Notes were provided by Cousin C.Frank R.Morse


" To Thomas, House, garden and close of land in Whitecroft, now in my occupation, in all about 6 acres plus £40 from William and £40 from James.

To William, Dwelling House and Water Grist Mill known as Whitecroft Mill together with the garden and two closes of land.

To Johnathan, House and garden, about one acre at Bream Wood side and a close of arable land adjoining about 4 acres, another close of land about 2 acres and the cottage and garden at present occupied by Thomas.

To James, House and gardens at present occupied by two tenants at Bream Wood side, a close of land with Barn and Stable about 2 acres, and a close of pasture land about 5 acres and a close of land partly arable and partly pasture about 8 acres. Grandson - James Powell of Yorkley - £50.

Amy - wife of Thomas Bailey - a large pewter dish.

Grandson & Granddaughter - Thomas & Elizabeth Brown the deeds to the house, garden and premises. Granddaughter - Mary Ann Morse - daughter of Samuel Morse £80.

Residue of Estate to be sold and proceeds shared equally between Thomas, William, James, Johnathan and Amy.

Total value about £450"

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