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Hello Ken
I am the gt, gt, gt granddaughter of George Morse of Yorkley who drove Morse's Level, the son of John and Margaret Morse.
I am thrilled to have just found your page. 
​My cousin Janet Rigby and my sister Robin Lowe have put together a lot of our family tree - Robin has it on - which I cannot access - however we have a lot of gaps in it.
I am here in Gloucestershire on leave from my university in Canada but have to leave in a few days. I have spent a week in the Forest looking for the mine - found, and went through it - incredible -  looking for details re John Morse, who was also a miner.. but of whom we seem to have little to no details, as well as early photos of inside the mine, ​early information and photos of John and Margaret Morse, etc.
Would love to hear from you,
Best, Makere (Margaret) Stewart-Harawira  - message received 8th June 2018


Hello Makere

First of all many thanks for getting in touch, it is always very special to hear from ‘family’.
I am so pleased that you found an interest in my family website, I feel quite a responsibility in recording what I know and then sharing it with those who may be interested.
I love the fact that you have visited the Forest and not only found ‘the mine’ but also went through it. My Father was a ‘free miner’ in the early c20th and indeed his father in law (1st marriage) was killed in their mine.
My disappointment in replying to your message that I cannot add to Janet and Robin’s research in filling the gaps in your tree. In fact, had you contacted me without mentioning the names of Janet and Robin then I would have pointed you in their direction.
The ‘Forest of Dean’ is perhaps my favourite part of the world and I am so pleased that you have found time to visit, it is very significant to the wider Morse family.
Many thanks again for contacting me, it made today quite special.
Best regards
Ken Morse - reply sent 8th June 2018






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