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Chris field

23:24 h
Hi, just found you...
my maternal grandfather was Colston Morse of Bream. He was a plumber down the local pit, and brother to Frank Morse the local odd job / Undertaker of Bream, Forest of dean.
Could we be distantly related ??
Regards Chris........

02:36 h

Said i'd come back and let you know when i figured out how/ or where there are connections to the morse's, and i always keep to my word! ;)

The connections i found are through an elizabeth kear james.

Other possible connections could be through davis/davies, johnson, williams, hughes, smith, morgan (but then again, they could be anyone!)
June Rush

14:35 h
Hello Ken, I made contact with you about 7 yrs ago when researching my Dobbs family, John Dobbs 1813 married Mary Morse. I have recently discovered that another of my gt gt gt grandmothers was also named Mary Morse !!! This one was in Wales baptised in Pembrey carmarthenshire in 1816.

Do you know of any connection with Morse in Glos & Morse in Carmarthen ?

regards June Rush (nee Dobbs)

ps I have made some amazing Dobbs finds in the last couple of years, incl. a cousin of my grandad's who lives only 20 mins. away. Also a 3rd family of my gt gt grandad Eli Dobbs, (son of Mary More & John Dobbs)
We have since all met up-great times.

14:27 h
nice site!

it'd be lovely to meet up with all your family members!

i am somehow connected to the morse's, yet, how i do not know yet! Sure your site will help me with that! ;)I will return to here and let you know how i do and if i find the connection!

Thanks for doing these two sites.

Keep up the good work!

10:34 h
very good website
Samuel A. Morse

02:01 h
I stated looking up the family crest that my father has on some crystal goblets and found your page. very interesting...
Terry Green

17:24 h
I've been transcribing some autobiographical notes left by my late father who grew up just outside Gloucester in the 1920s. I've come across the word 'mummy ruffin' which I remember him using, I always thought, to refer to a long tail tit. I'm delighted to find confirmation among your Forest Words and Phrases.
Can I suggest you might like to add to your list 'yud = head, dyud = dead and yup = heap'?
Terry Green

18:31 h

Jerry Baxter

14:31 h
Amazing! After probably 20 years of Ken being a supplier of mine at work we find out were are from the same village! Keep up the website ol' butt and 'kip thee 'acker cuttin' !!!
Joyce Baxter

16:07 h
Hello Ken, you may remember me as Joyce Robins (Lower Rd Yorkley)my Father was Foster Robins and Uncle George delivered the coal around Yorkley. I was at Yorkley school with your brother Alan (I think). Your website was sent to me by my friend Angela Barnes who has now moved from Yorkley. Its lovely to read the old things about the village, and I have a couple of books by Cam Johnson in my collection. Regards to you and all the family Joyce Baxter
Mike Morse

04:18 h
Very interesting. I am from Berwick Nova Scotia,Canada
My family came to Boston U.S.A. in 1634 on a ship named INCREASED Than in 1760 Abner Morse came to Annpolis Royal as a new England planter.
One day I hope to find out what Morse family we came from in England. Mike
David Adams

12:36 h
Excellent work - the stuff from Cam particularly valuable. I'm working on a three-part history of Yorkley, at the moment concentrating on 1926-57, when the poet F W Harvey lived here. My parents' (Adams and Kear) families are all from here & Pillowell and we now live in Harold Road. I went to school at Pillowell 1947-50.
David Bruce

23:20 h
Found this site looking for my old form teacher, mrs goodyear.
looking back I remember your wife trying to get me to sing, only now do you respect her.
God bless her.
Kate North

22:30 h
Fantastic to read this site. My Dad was Michael Morris, whose father, Sidney Harry Morris was Mary Aminda's son. He remembered her at the Nag's Head in Yorkley, and would talk about her to us. Thanks!
Robert Tinkham

07:46 h
Hello, how are you? My grandmother's name was Lucille (Morse) Tinkham, and I found the info. you had on the Morse family crest very helpful in my genealogical research. So thank you and wishing you a Merry Christmas from Illinois!
Bob Philpott

23:12 h
Ken. I stumbled over this website whilst doing some FOD research, well done.

You have some extracts from the 'Lydney Observer' on the site. Can you tell me where you managed to find the archives of the paper.

14:17 h
Hi Carol
I tried to respond but the messages bounced. Many thanks for visiting my website. I'm afraid that I am unable to help you with Dorcas and Adams, but I can see a George Teague in my tree. From the marriage of Thomas Morse and Ann Priest, son Thomas 1826-1896 married Ann Hughes 1828-1905. From this marriage Fanny Morse(1850-1943 married a George Teague. My notes suggest that George died in the U.S. Regards Ken Morse
Carol J Teague

21:01 h
My husband Robert came from the Thomas morse ans Ann Priest his greatgrand father married a Susannah Morse I keep hoping that I can connectther into th the Thomas Morse line. I also am looking for a George Hughes who married Dorcas possibly Adams. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I found site quite by accident while looking for info on Morses. Thank You Carol
jan , Iain & David Handley

10:04 h
Hi Ken,
Martin informed me of your site. What a lovely happy picture of Martin Alison and Hannah. Thankyou.
Hannah Morse

19:25 h
A lovely picture of us all Uncle Ken. It is so lovely to re-read all the comments made about my mum too. Hannah x
Lynne Stumbles

20:38 h
Have no information for your genealogy quest, only want to say 'good to 'meet' you'. Great to put a face and history to your name after all these years! Thank you, Lynne & Rob Stumbles
Vicky Turnbull

18:16 h
Lovely to see old pictures. Well done Ken. The web site is very professional. I will ask the Turnbull sisters for more photos for you
irene cooper

12:08 h
I came across this site from an old page in the forest web site, and I remembered your name from a few years back.
When I first researched the Coopers from the forest, I visited the forest last year and did a little research, we come from a line of Coopers from Cinderford area..and have since met a third cousin removed from that area who lives about 20 mins from my house it was a great memory for us...
I would like to thank you for your help back then but as we new nothing about the Coopers, you gave me inspiration to carry on and I did...

Regards Irene Cooper
Barbara Burnside

05:02 h
Hey Ken: I have just read the obituary re Doris and have taken at least an hour renewing old memories.. Great web site Thank you so much Love Barbara
John Morse

04:39 h
Signed in just to say hi. I am looking for a good rendering of our coat of arms for a tattoo believe it or not. Thanks. JOHN
Sian Smith

13:42 h
Dear Ken

Have been browsing through your website this morning at the same time as doing my family tree on Genes Reunited and note our two families are connected in a roundabout way.

Your Uncle George Frank Morse married Gladys Lillian Annie Johnson on 11/9/1918. He was at the time living in Plum tree Cottage. My Great Uncle Alfred Frost married Gertrude Johnson in 1913 cousin to the above named Gladys.

Thought you may be interested to know as well that my Grandfather (Harold Frost) and Great Uncle (Alfred Frost) were born at Plum Tree cottage, Viney Hill in 1912 and 1916 respectively. It was only last year that my mother's cousins and I visited Plum Tree cottage and the lady who lives there showed us around. She even showed us the well in the garden which she said used to be reached by descending many steps. It was lovely to go and visit the cottage as the Frost family lived in Plum Tree cottage for quite some time during the late 1800's and until about 1917/1918 when the family moved to Bedwas (Nr Caerphilly).

Don't know if you have heard about Forest of The web-site gives details of most of the births/deaths and marriages of families living in Forest of Dean. If you have not accessed this site before it gives details of your families history and fills in some of the unknown dates on your site i.e. baptism of Howard Henry Morse son of William and Selina.
It was only because of this site that I managed to find the connection between our two families.

Best wishes


Richard Morgan

21:10 h
Hi Kenneth,
After communicating with you through genes reunited, I thought that I would take up your advice and have a look at this/your web site. I also use Perhaps you can find my family tree under the morgan family.
janet Cooper

16:13 h
Do you know anything about George and Jessie Cooper and their family?
sonia parry

17:59 h
My family the Frosts also lived in Viney Hill in the late 1800s early 1900s. In fact we have been told at some time they lived in Plum Tree cottage. They also lived near Pear tree cottage. Could you tell me the location of Plum Tree cottage
Barbara Burnside

06:54 h
Hi Ken : Its been awhile.. I just spend an hour or so reviewing all the web site... What a great work of art. I hope all your family are well. I was gifted with another great grand child in February. That is two children for Angela & Jason . David's daughter Michelle is planned for August 2008. Take care Love Barbara
June Rush (nee Dobbs)

11:42 h
It was interesting to see my Gt. Gt. Gt. grandparents Mary & John Dobbs mentioned in the will of your Gt. Gt. Grandfather Thomas Morse (1789-1855)
June Rush (nee Dobbs)

11:39 h

Sue Patchett

14:14 h
Hi Ken
Just thought I'd send this to let you know that I have visited your site. I haven't spoken with you for some time now -- I always seem to get Mark or Peter when I log faults - Peter tells me he is going home soon -- Shaz will be gutted!!! I will try and remember to send you a quick piccy, but I'm not at home at the mo, so I haven't got any here to send.
Speak with you later
Sue (from AnServe in case you hadn't already guessed!!)

15:38 h
Hi Ken,
I came across your site (and brother Steve's) whilst browsing Morse. I have been researching my family and my mother's maiden name was Morse. Her father was Alfred, Edwin Morse born in Stoke but the family originates from Gloucestershire - Blakeney I think. My mother's great grandfather was Henry Morse a schoolmaster in Blakeney. I am very interested in trying to find out more about them all of course.

Your brother's site in wonderful - I spent ages browsing!! Being a Morse descendent and a fan of Elvis too it appealed to me greatly!!

There seem to be quite a few Morses in Gloucestershire according to the census results I have had - wonder if we have common ancestors??

Regards - Jean
Robin Lowe

12:41 h
Hi Ken,
Have visited your web site several times. Find it fascinating. I too am researching Morses, James, and Kears of the Forest Of Dean
Teresa Nalton

21:33 h
Thank you for giving me web site
address to look at Keith, I have found it fascinating and helpful,
Best wishes Teresa
Marilyn Shipley

23:56 h
Hi Ken. I've already looked at Steve's page, found a fellow Elvis fan, and swopped emails with him. He has also very generously donated some of his Elvis memorabilia to me. So the natural progression was to follow the link from his webpage to yours. I was really interested in the photo where Bill Shipley appears. My (ex-) in-laws live in Burton and I wondered if Bill might have been related to them. Which would mean related to me, in some small way as I have a daughter. It's all food for thought. Anyway, you have a lovely, large family! I feel as if I really know you all, having read so much and gazed at many of the photos. I'm trying to research my family too but it's not a two minute task, as I'm sure you know. Well, I must go as I don't want to write as much in your guestbook as I did in Steve's! It's embarrassing for one thing. . . . .
Best wishes to you all,
Joel & Jamie

16:35 h
Dear GranDad
We like your Website
You are very clever
Love from
Joel & Jamie

Reg Bailey

02:51 h
Reg here again...I just wanted people to know that our anniversary is actually on March 16, 2006...apparently the Internet can change the time magically!!! Does anyone know if there is a Bailey Coat of Arms?
Reg and Hazel Bailey

02:48 h
Sitting here on my 60th Wedding Anniversary...don't know how to work this thing so my grandaughter is typing for me!!! Love the pictures of all the old times; maybe in my spare time I will update some of the family pictures - great grandson and 60th Anniversary celebration (July 1, 2006 is the date for the big party). Hope all is well overseas...we are trying to survive the last few weeks of winter here!
Reg Bailey
Angela Jones (nee Barnes)

18:37 h
I found your webpage very interesting, as I grew up at No. 18 Severn View Rd, Yorkley. I am the youngest of the Barnes family, (there were, and still is, 9 of us).I was born in 1948, I have 4 brothers and four sisters ranging upward in age. I just about remember your family, although, I was only 7 when you moved north.I still live at Yorkley, now at Bailey Hill, and am still enjoying fine views over the Severn!
Melody Morse-Roswell

08:46 h
Dear Ken,
Just ran into your web site tonight. Your Morse's look like mine....LOL. Really nice site to visit also. Since you are in England do you have any information regarding the Morse's from Marlborough, Wiltshire Co. England? I would appreciate it if you did.


Maureen Albright

02:21 h
I am researching my ancestors who lived in Ruardean & The Pludds, Forest of Dean area.
Absalom Vaughan married Elizabeth Cooper {dau/o William Cooper & Elizabeth (nee Williams)} at Ruardean Church 30 August 1852
They had a daughter called Bertha bapt 23 Jan 1869 She was my great grandmother.
Wondered if there might be a connection to your Cooper branch?
Great web site.
Best wishes.
Helen Phillips

16:24 h
Hi Ken,
We exchanged information a few months ago on the Hook family of Lydney. My husband is related to Jacob Hook, Selina Hook's Uncle.
Whilst reseraching another branch of my husband's tree, the Kear family of Bream Eaves I have now found another conection to Selina Hook which may be of interest to you.
Selina and her mother Charlotte are named in the Will of Enoch Kear as his daughter and Grandaughter whist my connection is his son Enoch.I would be happy to send you a copy of the Will if you haven't already got one.
Barbara Burnside

00:50 h
Hi Ken: I have been away for a few days and only today viewed the picture... What a nice pic... You must have had a ball.. Thank you soooo much for sending me all the news etc...take care Barb
Patricia Cooke

16:14 h
Interested to see that you have the name RASBACH in your family. My father was Arthur L. COOKE, born in Oldcroft. Before he died he mentioned a connection with RASBACh. Also the name BRIT shows up in the family. My mother and I stayed in the Viney Hill Church cottage in either 1940 or 41 to escape bombing in Bristol
Barbara Burnside

05:13 h
Hi Ken: What a treat!!!.. yes I did get your original email.. thank you..I have recently sold my house ( to a grandaughter to be married next year) and bought a Condo. I have also been hospitalized but everything is OK.. anyway with one thing and another I did neglect to answer your email.. sorry ! Hazel had also informed be about your reunion.. What a day it must have been.. and since I have been to visit Norma and family on two occasions, I could just visualize the property (and the big chestnut tree.. and her husband's antique cars.. it has been a great effort on your part to get the party on the web. My new address is 308, 130 S. Brodie St, Thunder Bay Ont Can P7E 6M3 I will be visiting Reg and Hazel next week, He will be interested in all of this. Thank you so much Ken, Best regards to your wife and family. My Love Barbara
Natalie Jayne Cooper

23:58 h
Hi, I'm the proud grandaughter of Norman Cooper, son of Walter. My father is Geoffrey, Normans youngest. Its great to see this wonderful site dedicated to my family, I look forward to seeing you all again sometime x
Barbara (Canadian Connection

06:45 h
Hi Ken: Thank you so much for the latest addition.. I would like to leave them as is.... unless you think it is "too much".. SNOW.. you ask?? we have been literally snowed under.. at least six back yard fence is covered. We haven't had this much snow since the big blast in l996.. It is great to be a northener !!! All the best to you and yours love Barbara
Tom Grose

14:19 h
You gave me your site via Genes reunited where I was searching for Joseph Sherwin.

This site is well designed and a credit to you.
Gareth Davis

23:36 h
Hello, back again.
I just went through your site and was fascinated - it is very good. I read a little about my Auntie Alice and Uncle Arthur (from Resolven. Auntie Alice being my grandmothers sister. I also noticed that you had a little commentary from my grandmother there (Eva) about our collective grandfather.

I have memory's of an Uncle Ken (gran's brother). He was a great person I used to love it when he came to visit.
Gareth Davis

22:56 h
Eva was my grandmother, and Hector Raymond Davis was my grandfather, all buried in Viney Hill cemetery, along with my father mother and brother

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